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The Art of Slowing Down

There is one profoundly important practice that helps to overcome anxiety, confusion, stress, and overwhelm like no other.

The best part is…

It doesn’t require anything special

It doesn’t cost anything

It doesn’t require you to go anywhere 

Truth is, this is pretty much the go-to answer for so many problems we face today.

Okay – what IS it!?

It’s slowing down.

Yup, I know that it does not sound exciting or special.  However, this one little thing will literally change your life if you commit to it.

Slowing down isn’t about moving slower.  It’s about slowing down the frequency at which our minds and nervous system are buzzing at.

All of the technology, lights, cell-phones, and fast-paced action in the modern world overstimulate our nervous system and our senses.

We don’t really notice it because it’s all just background noise and a regular part of modern life – especially for those living in cities.  

But indeed, it is having a massive effect on us and over time the fast-paced energy builds up inside of us and we start believing that overstimulation is normal.

When we are overstimulated, it can lock us into a stress state.  We feel on-edge and hyper-vigilant. yet exhausted at the same time.

Sleep becomes shallow and inconsistent.

Our minds get distracted.

And we can begin to lose touch with our sense of inner guidance.  We stay busy, but start forgetting to do the things that will serve us most.

In essence, we get caught up in the busy mind and lose connection with our intuition.

Our intuition is like a calm, steady, and slow voice that whispers to us.  To listen to it, we need to relax first before we can hear it.

This is why practices like sound healing, yoga, and meditation are so powerful.  They literally wash the body and nervous system clean of all the overstimulation and distraction.  They help us reset ourselves so that we reconnect with all the stuff happening behind the surface busy-ness of our lives.

And guess what? it feels SO GOOD to actually relax!

In fact, it’s when our creativity starts to kick in and we start to just intuitively flow through life.

And when this happens, we can actually create MORE with LESS effort. Our actions are inspired and have tremendous impact when we are operating from flow state.

In essence, we must slow down to speed up (as ironic as that sounds!).

Every moment you spend intentionally pausing to breath, to listen, to just be is a moment invested in your spiritual growth and optimal alignment.

So as simple as it sounds, sometimes all we need to do is just take a moment to slow down.

Perhaps in that moment, you will also find the inspiration to roll out the yoga mat or put on your favourite soundscape and nourish your being for a few extra minutes.

Please let us know by replying – what is your favourite way to slow down and tune in?
Warm Regards

PoC Team


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