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Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifestation is our birthright.

Yet, as modern humans many of us feel confused about how to create the type of life we want.

Too often, we fall back on old conditioning that reinforces ‘hard work’ to get what we want.

If we really peel back the layers on this, we will realize that this whole paradigm comes from an industrial-era mindset that makes for good workers.

Perhaps we can see how this way of thinking doesn’t feel right for us. It doesn’t give space for our wellness and the moments that we truly cherish.

We might even be able to see how this keeps our entire society on a 24/7 hamster wheel of stimulation!


This conditioning is very strong. It’s been reinforced through our upbringing – even our parents’ upbringing.

Many of the institutions in society are built to keep this old paradigm in place.

So even though we know that we have the potential to effortlessly and joyfully attract what we desire, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

That’s because our subconscious minds are still hardwired by this out-of-date conditioning.

And 90% of our lives are governed by our subconscious minds – despite our best efforts and wishes.

Fortunately, in recent years many brilliant people have found simple ways of accessing the subconscious, changing its beliefs and then realizing the truth of existence:

That our thoughts and feelings are the most powerful forces for shaping our reality.

This means that if we truly wish to realize the change that we deeply desire, we must work with the subconscious mind.

So how do we work with the subconscious mind if we cannot directly access it?

Well, as it turns it’s not as hard as it sounds… It can be done in three simple steps:

  • Relax into a meditative state.

It’s challenging to actually relax deep enough to tune into the subconscious mind when we are always on the go.  Fortunately, practices like breathwork, guided meditation, and energy work can help us relax even if we are slightly stressed or overstimulated.

  • Allow the imagination to speak.

Did you know that the subconscious mind speaks through symbols? It’s not like the logical, conscious mind that plans and chatters.  The subconscious mind is always trying to get a hold of us through our imaginations.  If we give space to listen to our imaginations, well, magic can happen and we can find ourselves pleasantly surprise!

  • Take aligned action.

This step sounds simple.  However, it can often mean that we have to do things differently.  And sometimes, we need a bit of courage to step into the unknown.  But those little nudgings of our inner voice and imagination are often right -if listened to, they know exactly where to guide us!  What can help us approach a big change is writing it down first.  Or speaking it!

So, these 3 steps can be done without anything fancy – you could do them right now in fact!

However, if you want a little more guidance, support, and group energy – we can assist!

This Sunday, we are hosting a special online event that will include each of the steps above through breathwork, meditation, and intentional journalling to help you turn on your inner manifestor!

Because we know it’s always more fun and much easier to do these things as a group and it allows you to leverage an experienced facilitator and some pyramid power!

So if you are ready to start living your way and attracting the things you desire, join us to receive pyramid power, manifestation potential, and make your dreams your lived reality!


Date: Sunday, April 28 2024

Time: 5pm Bali Time / 7pm Sydney / 10 am London (you can register and re-watch later at any time! Find your local time HERE)

How to prepare: use good quality headphones or speakers, a comfort place to sit, and dress comfy.

Cost: Pay-what-you-want – this makes it accessible for all.  You can watch at any time: Once the event is live, you can re-watch using the same link any time. We also will supply an alternate ads-free replay link after the performance.


Don’t worry if you can’t make it live – you can register and watch the event later!  Hope to see you there,

Warm Regards

PoC Team


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