Third Eye Meditation

Spiritual growth, intuition, focus, manifestation and clarity.

The third-eye technique uses powerful meditative exercises meant to improve your concentration and develop your willpower, supporting manifestation. The process also involves intuition – the ability to perceive things beyond the five senses.

No experience necessary to join this beautiful monthly community event. Join us and dive deep into Third Eye meditation and move deeper into the intuitive.


Wake up your Intuition

Did you know that there is an energy center in your body that can enhance your focus and activate your fullest potential? Join Maitreya as he facilitates a variety of meditation practices to stimulate and bring awareness to the third eye center: Ajna Chakra. The techniques for the third eye use powerful meditative exercises designed to improve your concentration and develop your willpower, supporting manifestation. Utilizing methods such as Gauri Shankar, mandala, tratak, and sound vibration, the process is intricately linked to intuition—the ability to perceive things beyond the five senses. Help you to gain the power of your focus and manifestation, brings you clear energy field of intuition. “Once your energy enters and falls on the third eye, it starts opening. It becomes a lotus, it blooms, and suddenly your whole life pattern is changed. You are no longer the same; you can never be the same again, and the world can never be the same. Everything is the same and yet nothing will ever be the same again. “‘You have attained a single eye.’ Jesus says, ‘Have the single eye, and then you will know the light.’” – Osho.

 This session will provide you with the benefits of intuition, focus, and manifestation.

Benefits of Third Eye Meditation


Energy Healing

Third eye meditation restores balance to energy flow in those seeking alternative therapies for energy opening.


Open and balance higher energy centers.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Improve spiritual wellbeing by addressing blockages and fostering intuitive intelligence.

Join us

For Third Eye Meditation

Every Tuesday:  5:00pm 

How does it work?

Join with an empty or slightly full stomach and wear comfy clothes. This meditation involves sitting and moving.

Introduction about the meditation technique.

Starting with gentle breathwork.

Practise to increase power of your focus, practising stillness.

What Our Community Says About Third Eye Meditation

"If you want to learn about meditation, third-eye meditation can serve as a fundamental gateway, opening the door to your meditation journey."
Sasha, Australia

Join us Today

Let’s practice Third Eye Meditation and reach deeper levels of intuition to manifest our desires.

Every Tuesday:  5:00pm 

Meet your Facilitator


Maitreya was born in India and raised in a spiritual family. Initiated at a very young age by enlightened masters, he spent many years in ashrams to support meditations and healing journeys. Later, he wandered in the Himalayas, learning how to serve from the heart and he returned carrying a gift that is able to shift people from the overthinking
of the mind to the calmness of the heart.

Almost two decades ago, Maitreya dedicated himself to the sacred path of spiritual teaching, inviting people to start living from their heart center. His calling has taken him to India, Europe, Russia, Singapore and Bali, where he has shared the gift of meditation with other teachers, healers, and seekers on their spiritual paths.
His expression combines ancient wisdom with modern practices, giving him the unique ability to connect with everyone on a deep and soulful level. His presence brings lightness, playfulness and magical energy, and his sharing goes beyond just teaching – it is energetic transmission for those who seek healing.

If your journey has led you to meet Maitreya, it is meant to be. Consider it a step towards your own spiritual awakening.
His work is influenced by Osho, Ramana Maharshi and Neem Karoli Baba.

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