Tarot Card Readings

Each card is a mirror into your consciousness, reflecting your deepest truth

In a Tarot Reading, you will receive guidance to the deep questions that are lingering in the depths of your soul. The cards are like tiny mirrors reflecting to you the truths of your consciousness.

You may leave the reading feeling clarity and empowerment in your life path and direction

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Clarity is in the cards for you…

Do you feel disconnected from your life path or are you seeking clarity on how to live the magical life that you were put on this planet to live?

In a reading, you will be shining a light on the calling of your inner essence – are you where you need to be in life? Is there something or someone calling you in your path? What is best for your work? Family? Is it yes, or no? Any and every question is welcome. Even if you do not have a specific question, the cards will work their magic in revealing to you what is present in various areas of your life – and, what actions you can take for your highest success and fulfillment.

Benefits of Tarot Card Readings


With new tools for transformation and insights to guide you to live the life of true alignment that you’ve always imagined.

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How does it work?

Tarot decks come in various styles and designs. The most common deck is the Rider-Waite deck, but there are many others with different themes and symbolism. Choose a deck that resonates with you or one that you feel a connection to.

The person seeking the reading (querent) or the tarot reader shuffles the deck. This is believed to infuse the cards with the querent's energy and intentions.

The reader then draws a specific number of cards from the shuffled deck. The number of cards and the card positions depend on the spread being used. Common spreads include the Celtic Cross, Three-Card Spread, and the Horseshoe Spread.

Each tarot card has its own symbolism and meaning. Tarot readers interpret the cards based on these meanings, their intuition, and the context of the question or situation. The cards are often read in relation to each other, forming a narrative that provides insights into the querent's concerns.

The position of each card in the spread contributes to its significance. For example, a card representing the past might provide insights into the roots of the current situation, while a card in the future position may offer guidance on potential outcomes. Intuition and Connection: Tarot readers often rely on their intuition to enhance the interpretation of the cards. This intuitive aspect is crucial in providing personalized and nuanced insights.

Based on the interpretation of the cards, the tarot reader offers guidance, insights, or potential outcomes to the querent. It's important to note that tarot readings are not deterministic, and the future is seen as malleable based on present actions.

A tarot reading is often conducted as a dialogue between the reader and the querent. The querent may provide additional context or seek clarification during the session.

Once the cards have been interpreted, the reader may offer a summary and answer any final questions. The reading is then considered complete.

What Our Community Says About Tarot Card Readings

“Talis is the real deal! I have had many tarot readings over my lifetime and they vary regarding accuracy and assistance. However, the reading that Talis gave me during my last stay in Ubud Bali was extraordinarily accurate and helpful By far the best reading I have ever received! Talis has a real gift. Many thanks!"
Kathy, Australia
“Talis’ knowledge of the cards gives her the perspective to share messages that we might sometimes be too foggy to see for ourselves. Her expansive empathy and connection to spirit help her bridge people back to their self, utilizing the cards to find clarity when things can be overwhelming. She helps make tarot accessible and understandable, and respects her clients with whatever questions they bring.”
Joy, Canada
“I have had the great fortune of having Talis perform tarot readings for me over the last 2 decades. I have never met someone who has such a deep connection with the cards, I always walk away from a session with introspection and new perspectives that help me live a more fulfilling life. I would not hesitate to recommend Talis to anyone whether their questions for the cards are big or small.”
Colby, UK

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By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

Meet your Facilitator


Talis is a holistic healer and energy worker, specializing in Tarot reading whilst also a certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master and Shamanic Astrologer. As a highly empathic and intuitive person, Talis always had sense that she would be in the healing arts. However, it wasn’t until a health condition – sudden visual impairment at age 26 — that she fully embraced this path. Unable to continue her career in the academic world, she began exploring a more energy-based approach to life.

Talis became immersed in the mysteries of the Tarot, it awakened her energy system and spiritual gifts, and she immediately knew that she was called to do this work on a soul level. Known by many as “Tarot Talis,” she has helped clients find profound insight and transform their lives. Talis has conducted tarot consultations all over the World in Canada, USA, Southeast Asia and most recently Sydney Australia where she read tarot at corporate venues.

Talis has been based in Bali since 2020 where she practices as a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Shamanic Astrologer. She is passionate about the Tarot – and believes that it is a profound portal of wisdom and transformation. It is her deep intention that each reading awakens her clients to clarity and gifts the courage to transform lives and awaken their true expressed essence.

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