Spiral Breathwork + Ice Therapy

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Spiral Breathwork & Ice Therapy is a journey where you will have the opportunity, within a 1:1 setting, to dive deep into your limited beliefs, patterns, and stuck emotions. Within a safe space you will release what is no longer serving you and welcome more peace within you.

No previous experience required, the duration of the session is 2hrs


Observe your pattern, Release your pain and Embrace your power

Matteo’s Breathwork practice, born from personal healing experiences, blends diverse techniques for mind, body, and soul. Each Spiral Breathwork session begins with intention, breath release, and concludes with an Ice Therapy for nervous system reset. Dive into a transformative, invigorating experience impacting physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Ice Therapy prioritizes self-care and growth, offering opportunities for connection, resilience, and overcoming fears. Experience clarity and peace through this transformative journey.

Benefits of Spiral Breathwork + Ice Therapy



Improvement in mental and emotional well-being: Both practices facilitate the release of blocked emotions and the processing of past traumas, leading to greater mental clarity and emotional stability.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

Breathwork will allow you to deeply relax and experience inner calm. Immersing yourself in the cold water triggers your body’s natural response to stress, helping to calm your nervous system and promote a sense of tranquility.

Enhanced Energy & Vitality

Both practices can lead to a higher level of energy and vitality, leaving you feeling more vigorous and revitalized. Cold exposure has been associated with the release of endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones, which can leave you with a sense of happiness and well-being.

Join us

For Spiral Breathwork + Ice Therapy

Every Tuesday: 2:00pm

How does it work?

For this session prepare yourself by setting an personal intention. It's important to have an emotion, an issue or pattern you would like to work with.

This session always start with an energy clearing ritual and introduction talk, that allowed us to create a safe space

The second part of the session you will be laying down and you will receive a short meditation that will guide you in to the breathing session

After the Breathwork part there will be space for integration and sharing your experience

The last part of this journey will be an amazing, refreshing, and releasing experience with cold therapy.

What Our Community Says About Spiral Breathwork + Ice Therapy

"Matteo is absolutely magic. I have experienced breathwork with several different facilitators, in 1-1s as well as group settings, and with Matteo I was totally blown away. He has amazing energy and presence, made me feel completely safe and taken care of, but also was there to help me out of my comfort zone. The reason I say he is magic is because every time I was hitting a wall of resistance in practice he was right there. He intuitively knew exactly how to help me both verbally and physically. He gave me the space to open up emotion suppressed deep inside my body. It was a profound and powerful journey, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to dive into the healing power of Breathwork.”
Allen Reed
"This was my first experience of a breathwork session. Matteo facilitated a group session for me and 3 others. He managed to create a safe space, allowing room for intentionally connect with my inner self for finally accepting and letting go of a year that was manifested in deep stress and burnout for me. During the session, Matteo guided me through my journey of forgiving myself for all the pressure I was holding onto. A few times, I lost control in the breathwork, but Matteo’s awareness and heartwarming way to help and stay in connection throughout the session, created space for me to forgive my inner child and myself. It was a hard, but magical journey that I still remind myself of when I feel stressed, and I need to be more mindful to myself. Thank you! Definitely not the last time I will let Matteo guide my through a breathwork session.
Susan Binzer

Join us Today

Join our breathwork session for a transformative experience. Reduce stress, enhance clarity, and reconnect with your inner self. Reserve your space and breathe into a more centered and balanced version of you.

Every Tuesday: 2:00pm

Meet your Facilitator

Matteo Romani

Matteo, a Spiritual Seeker, embarked on a transformative journey to overcome excesses and embrace a deeper meaning in life. Breathwork and meditation became his allies, enabling the release of old habits and fostering well-being. Embracing ice as a symbol of inner strength, Matteo confronted anxiety, discovering newfound confidence and tenacity. Now an accredited Breathwork Facilitator and Meditation Teacher, his continuous journey includes the Camino de Santiago and Vipassana meditation, unlocking doorways of personal growth. Matteo’s true calling is to guide those seeking self-discovery, bringing them back to inner peace and serenity.

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