Regression & Reincarnation Therapy

Holistic Trauma Healing

During this session you will be able to heal, release & integrate trauma on a mental, emotional & physical level. Healing in a holistic way.

It’s important to have a good understanding & speech of the English language. The duration of the session is 1,5 hour.


Heal, Release & Integrate Trauma in a Holistic Way

Regression & Reincarnation therapy is a holistic (psycho)therapy that assumes all your current complaints and problems are a symptom of one or more unprocessed painful or traumatic experience(s) from your past.

This session is for you if you experience recurring problems, patterns coming back into your life and you don’t know why. By reliving, feeling, releasing & integrating the unprocessed experiences that you are most likely carrying in your subconscious.

You get the chance to heal, clear & neutralize the themes that are at the root of your current problems, blockages and/or patterns.

Benefits of Regression & Reincarnation Therapy


Gain more clarity & understanding around the root cause of your issues, patterns & blockages.


Letting go

Finally letting go of stuck & suppressed emotions.

Feel more safe

Feel more safe & connected within yourself.

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For our Regression & Reincarnation Therapy

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

How does it work?

You prepare for this session by connecting with your intention. It's important you have an objective, an issue or pattern you would like to focus on

This session always starts with an intake

The second part of the session you will be laying down and you will be guided in a relaxing meditation, from there we will go into the Regression Part

The last part of the session will be a short integration moment for you, where you slowly are being brought back into the present moment and you will

You have the space to share your experience or ask any questions regarding to your session.

What Our Community Says About Regression & Reincarnation Therapy

"Solange is an absolute masterful healer. My experience with her was phenomenal, as she guided me in a very elegant & safe way through many layers of healing. Her style is powerful & different than others, as she takes you to the root cause of things, which allows you to shift at a core emotional level. It helped me to heal my wounds & let go of unserving stories. I highly recommend working with her!"
Dr. Ehab, Transformational Teacher & Movement Leader, Jordan
"So much changed after working with Solange! It’s hard to even put it into words. I discovered inner-child trauma that I didn’t even know existed. If you want to heal your inner child, connect with your body and reclaim your feminine energy, Solange is the person for you! She gets to the root of the issue and guides you through a process of self- healing. I highly recommend working with Solange."
Haira, USA
"I tried many different spiritual practices and learned a lot, but I needed more and wanted to consciously heal traumas from my childhood. I instantly felt that I could trust Solange. She helped me to open the door of my past which I avoided all my life. I got many answers to my deep questions and lots of clarity. I believe I made peace with my past, but I wouldn’t have done it without Solange & her help."
Malwina, Poland

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If you’re ready to finally heal & integrate that which has been holding you back for so long,
this session is right for you!


By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

Meet your Facilitator

Solange Beaumont

Solange is a Holistic Trauma-Healing Therapist & certified Regression & Reincarnation Therapist with over a decade’s experience healing trauma on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level.

Solange holds a safe & trauma-informed space where she supports you in healing unhealed pain from the past, peeling off all the (subconcious) layers & blockages that created a disconnection with your heart, emotions, body & your own life-force energy. Her work includes healing unhealed Ancestral trauma, Womb-trauma, Childhood-trauma & Past-Life Trauma.

Her approach is always holistic, which means she supports her clients healing on a mental, emotional & physical & level.

Solange Beaumont

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