Qi Gong

Activates the free flow of qi to access the inherent intelligence of the body.

We harmonize the five Chinese elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood in the body to produce optimal health & mental focus.

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Activate the body’s inherent intelligence to self-heal.

Dissolves tension and stress by activating Qi, or ‘’bioenergy,’’ to access natural self-healing.

Benefits of Qi Gong



Learn how to balance the traditional Chinese elements in the body: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, & Metal for more Vitality!


Dissolve anxiety and stress through gentle fluid movements.


Increase focus, stamina, & strength.

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For Qi Gong

Every Tuesday: 10:00am


How does it work?

Class begins with an explanation of Chinese medical theories regarding Qi Gong, exploring how this ancient spiritual practice can awaken the body to facilitate self-healing experiences.

Furthermore, the students are gently guided to feel the frequency of 'qi,' also known as the infinite frequency of the spiritual path of Tao.

Once the participants can start to feel the electromagnetic field of qi inside their own bodies, the teacher expands this awareness into graceful martial arts movements. The benefits include healing major vital organs in Chinese medicine: the Heart, Intestines, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, and Stomach.

What Our Community Says About Qi Gong

"Cindy’s Qi Gong classes are life changing, in that…the only way I can describe…it feels like you are entering a ‘supernatural’ frequency of better health. At the beginning of class, she builds ‘qi,’ or energy, in your body through gentle stages, so you can expand into higher states of consciousness for the remainder of class, & further into your life in general. Actually, I didn't even realize the qi gong classes I was taking in Switzerland weren't the real thing, until I felt the hypnotic power of Cindy's workshops in Bali.’’
Julia Hegnauer, Switzerland
‘’I'm definitely bringing my Mom back to Cindy’s classes. It's so important to be able to teach ancient medical wisdom, like qi gong, in its original language, Chinese - to catch the full scope of the Taoist spiritual knowledge. Cindy does this by explaining the Chinese medical system in relation to martial arts in its original form: Mandarin & Cantonese. And she also teaches in foreign languages: English & French. I learned so much from her about which Qi Gong movements heal which organ meridians within the body.’’
Ling Lai, China
"Beyond a Chinese Medical Practitioner & Qi Gong Teacher, Cindy is a divine energy healer & spiritual advisor. I want to express gratitude, because the Qi gong session yesterday was extremely important for me. As a sensitive child, I needed someone to teach me how to protect myself, and my parents didn't know, nor understand. Feeling this protection fully in her class, and practicing it today first thing in the morning, brought up a lot of sadness and fear of my inner child, who was terrified of unseen things. The fact that I now have full acces to this part of my subconscious, is a very precious healing opportunity. And I wanted to pop in to say thank you, Cindy. 💛🙏🌞. In Cindy's classes, I feel safe & understood, because she is able to identify the unique spiritual gifts in each of us. Most important for gifted individuals like myself, is psychic protection, which Cindy teaches in the Qi gong method. In Chinese medicine, she explains ‘Wei qi,’ or your energetic shield, is determined by how strong the metal element is in your body. As a professional therapist, I really appreciate Cindy's Qi Gong techniques for 3 layers of Psychic Protection. These energy tools greatly helped me to preserve my vitality, allowing me to treat more patients, more effectively.’’
Amia Rose, Romania

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To Activate ‘Qi’ – the higher state of consciousness of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Every Tuesday: 10:00am



Meet your Facilitator

Cindy Wu

Cindy is an energy healer from Hong Kong with exceptional abilities in perception and intuition. She specializes in clearing deep emotional blockages in the energy fields of Qi Gong. Additionally, she holds a medical diploma from the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Furthermore, she is a certified biotherapist and Reiki practitioner. She also serves as the Honorary President of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation, School of Chinese Medicine, under the Vincent & Lily Woo Trust. In martial arts, she trained in China’s official Olympic form of Qi Gong at the Flagship Zhi Neng School in Hai Kou, China.

Cindy Wu

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