Meet Your Inner Council

Dive into the vastly rewarding and healing world of your Inner Aspects

You will be guided to connect with your inner aspects via techniques that include breath and visualisation to name a few.

No past experience is needed. Just come with an open heart and mind. Bookingsessential.


1:1 teachings of your inner aspects

In this Session you will be guided to dive into the vastly rewarding and healing world of your Inner Aspects.

These Inner Aspects make up the different angles and layers of our humanity.

Once we have connected with these and are then able to work with our Inner Aspects, we begin to have access to the spaces of our subconscious that hold keys to creating Inner Peace, Harmony, Joy, Fulfillment and Happiness in our daily life.

In this Session, you will be guided to meet:

  • Your Inner Masculine
  • Your Inner Feminine
  • Your Inner Child
  • Your Higher Self

And then shown how these currently interact with you independently, what they represent and also how they communicate with each other.

By first gaining deeper understanding, compassion and insight to your Inner Council and with that your Inner Landscape, you will be given a powerful toolbox that supports you to find Inner Peace and Harmony in your Reality.

At the end of the session you will have time to integrate what you have just learned and will also be given a set of individualized practices that will empower you to take these connections into your daily life and call upon Your Inner Council at anytime. This allows you to receive insights and clarity from your personal support system whenever you need them.

Benefits of Meet Your Inner Council


Masculine & Feminine

Connect with your inner masculine & feminine


Inner Child

Connect with your inner child

Higher Self

Connect with your higher self

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For Meet Your Inner Council

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

How does it work?

The session will take place in a private and safe container for you to dive deep into the practise.

Robin will expertly guide your to connect with your inner aspects with a range of tools that include visualisation and breathing.

You will leave with a toolbox of practises that you can call on whenever you need to access the inner aspects of yourself.

What Our Community Says About Meet Your Inner Council

“I experienced the most amazing sound healing ceremony ever, which truly changed me. During my session with Kendal as she played the bowls on the different parts of my body, I felt the vibrations wake up parts of my mind and body that are usually quiet, stirring deep long-held emotions. As Kendal continued to work with the bowls and gong I felt like I let go of my past. Now I have total clarity of my true self, being confident and balanced. This experience was incredible, intense and magical. It's hard to put into words how much it changed everything for me.”
Daan, Poland
"I booked a sound bowl experience not knowing what to expect, but Kendal was lovely, extremely professional and instantly put me at ease. During the session I experienced a surfacing of much of the chemotherapy residue that I have been carrying for 3 years. It was intense as my body reacted to the bowl’s vibrations. I left feeling absolutely wowed and a little overwhelmed but Kendal was kind enough to provide follow up, and as a result I am drawn to follow up with this type of therapy where I live."
Juliet, USA
"Kendal’s warm welcome had me instantly relaxed and I felt I was in very safe and nurturing hands. I felt my body transport into Zen peaceful space during this time, and post session I felt balanced and refreshed. I Highly recommend Kendal’s session with her experience and wisdom to deliver a very intune healing! Looking forward to returning next year with a session with Kendal!"
Rita, Australia

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This session is for those people that want to access their innate, internal wisdom to live a life of harmony.

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

Meet your Facilitator

Robin Seeger

Robin is an Empowerment Mentor, Mindset and Relationship Coach.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2007 he embarked on a personal development and healing journey learning and working with mentors and guides from various indigenous cultures and a large variety of backgrounds.

In the last 15 years he managed to overcome his symptoms and is now teaching by embodying a rare and unique blend of a modern fully encompassed businessman and a timeless keeper of wisdom, charting the territories of his clients with eternal principles of alchemy.

His ability to combine his analytical and logical mind with his innate intuitive, shamanic nature allows him to easily navigate through challenges of any kind by utilizing his big picture perspective, dissolving any concepts of limiting belief systems that may arise for his clients.

A devoted father first, Robin is passionate facilitating retreats for men and families, offering mentoring sessions and thrives on holding men’s circles and workshops.

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