Manifestation Cacao Ceremony

This ritual will help you let go and connect with the purest love within, so you can manifest your dreams.

The medicine of cacao, the lovely Suzana and her cheerful band, will lead you to effortlessly connect with the feeling of infinite potentiality and unconditional love, where limitations simply do not exist.

There will be lots of live high vibrational music and some moments of meditation, sharing, dance and relaxation in this 3 hour event. We sit on cushions on the floor, around the flower mandala. If you have back issues, please request a chair.


Let go, return to love and live your best life!

This might be the most liberating and joyful journey you have ever taken. The Manifestation Cacao Ceremony is based on the fact that everything is seamlessly connected and that the frequency you vibrate in is what you create. If you come with an open heart, after this ceremony you will be connected and vibrating in love and gratitude.

This heartfelt ritual is a therapeutic journey, enabling you to lovingly embrace your darkness and your light. You will have the opportunity to leave behind what keeps you from being wholeheartedly YOU.

Most of the journey is marinated in live music. Music has the ability to touch our hearts and our subconscious minds in a deep way, transforming our vibration. And so does the sacred plant medicine of Cacao. Together the two create magic beyond comprehension.

Benefits of Manifestation Cacao Ceremony



It promotes an emotional “cleanse” and puts you back in touch with the purest and highest love. At the frequency of love, EVERYTHING is possible.



Love, gratitude and compassion towards yourself and others. A deep sense of belonging.


Release of blocks, patterns recognition, reprogramming of the subconscious.

Join us

For our Manifestation Cacao Ceremony

Every other week:  5:30pm 

How does it work?

The ceremony begins with a Manifestation Meditation followed by the first song, which leads everyone to bless and drink the delicious and nurturing cacao together. Enjoy the deeply therapeutic sequence of songs that is played by the band, enabling you to embark on a journey of releasing, forgiving, breaking down walls and allowing love to take over. There will be space for sharing and dancing, (not mandatory). And finally a moment of savasana/relaxation to integrate.

What Our Community Says About Manifestation Cacao Ceremony

“Truly one of the most beautiful and meaningful things I have done in Ubud.”
Farisa, Australia
“This was probably my best ever spiritual experience in my life! I will be a regular at this place. You could cut the energy in those pyramids with a knife."
Gabriel, Hungary
“I went to your Manifestation Cacao Ceremony back in December right before I left Bali and I focused on true love – and I met my partner two days after I got back.”
Johanna, Germany

Join us Today

Come sit around the gorgeous Flower Mandala “bonfire” and manifest your dream life.

Every other week:  5:30pm 

Meet your Facilitator

Suzana Lebrecht

The facilitator of this journey is Suzana Lebrect. She is an experienced transformational coach and theta-healer. Her wisdom is directly mirrored into the powerful sequence of this transformative ceremony. Suzana is a beam of light. She is extremely loving and playful, and has no expectations on the participants. Her guidance gracefully takes us on a journey that touches many aspects of our inner universe, in a beautiful way. Suzana’s passion is to cultivate awareness and love through music and vulnerability, in a group/community setting.


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