Journey through the Sacred Sounds

Awaken the healer within, deep relaxation, oneness.

We experience these potent benefits through the use of activating our voices & receiving healing sound frequencies.

No experience necessary to join this beautiful monthly community event. Let’s join our voices & bathe in healing sounds.

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Powerful soul songs & sacred healing instruments

Join this heart-expansive journey as we celebrate our divine essence through sacred sounds & singing songs from the soul. Together we will activate the greatest sound healing instrument we carry within, our own unique voice. This prepares us to be in a more receptive, calm & clear place so that we are open to all the healing frequencies of the sound healing portion. Relax into a soothing soundscape of loving presence where the intention is cultivating tranquility & collective harmony.

Benefits of Journey through the Sacred Sounds


Sound frequencies synchronize brainwaves, calming the nervous system and guiding the mind into a meditative state, fostering deep relaxation.



The resonating vibrations synchronize with the body’s natural rhythms, restoring balance and promoting a sense of inner and outer harmony.



Sound journeys can help balance our inner energy centers which can help reduce anxiety & increase a peaceful balance within.

Join us

For Journey through the Sacred Sounds

Monthly:  2:00pm 

How does it work?

Register online through the website or on site at reception prior to the event.

We begin by saging each guest to cleanse & clear our energies so that we may come together in a purified space for collective healing.

Vocal activation to tap into the power of our own unique sound healing instruments, our Voice.

Singing together simple yet potent soul songs & mantras that will help us move out of the mind space and into the heart space.

Short guided relaxation as you sit comfortably or lie down on your mat in preparation for the sound healing.

A sound bath of powerful healing frequencies using sacred instruments & intuitive vocals.

What Our Community Says About Journey through the Sacred Sounds

"Jayde is very in tune with the collective energy & created a deep and beautifully angelic sound healing experience."
"Incredibly transformative sound healing with Jayde as she created a soothing atmosphere with sounds of various instruments & her amazing voice."
"The session felt like the Mother of humanity was making all those sounds and vocals, it was so emotional, beautifully natural, and magical."

Join us Today

Enjoy this truly transformative experience as you connect to your inner worlds & experience [deep peace on this Journey Through Sacred Sounds.

Monthly:  2:00pm 

Meet your Facilitators

Jayde Solana

Jayde is a sound healing therapist who’s passion is creating unique sound experiences that allow participants to go into meditative & deeply relaxed states, soothing the nervous [system, and bringing the mind, body, and spirit into peaceful balance. She uses a variety of sound healing tools including crystal bowls, chimes, vocal toning, and more to create her powerful yet soothing soundscapes.
Jayde has offered her sound experiences for many years while in the US & traveling abroad. She first connected to sound through a small Native American frame drum & her voice, finding much healing around her limiting belief systems, anxieties, and stagnant energies while coming into greater wholeness.

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