Healing with Kundalini Yoga

Meet your True Self and restore your body's ability to heal

Combining Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing and Cranio Sacral adjustments in a safe space to help the body return to its natural state of healing.

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A healing journey supported by sound and touch

Using chanting, breathwork and movement, Kundalini Yoga clears the mind, stimulates vital energy and guides us to connect with our True Self. It helps release emotions stuck in the body in the form of pain or tension.
The session begins with the active practice of Kundalini Yoga, followed by deep relaxation into sound healing and Cranio-Sacral adjustments to help integrate and embody their new-found state.
Cranio-Sacral therapy aims to release the restrictions that inhibit the functioning of the craniosacral system-the fluid and membranes surrounding brain, spine, and nerves

Benefits of Healing with Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga helps us connect with our true self and inner wisdom



Cranio-Sacral adjusments restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself


Sound Healing to relax and integrate the new-found state

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For Healing with Kundalini Yoga

Every Monday: 10:00am

How does it work?

Wear comfortable clothes (no tight sport bras, tight pants, and tight elastics around the waist to allow flow of breath and lymphatic circulation.

Do not consume food or coffee 2 hours prior to the class to achieve maximum benifit.

Avoid drinking lots of water before class so your experience is not interrupted by the call of nature

In consideration to others, please do not use strong perfumes as it can affect the experience of people around during breathwork.

To connect with yourself, disconnect from 4G. switch off your phone or put in on flight mode.

Come open minded without expectations to allow something new to unfold.

What Our Community Says About Healing with Kundalini Yoga

"This class with Adriana really changed something within me. Not only yoga but main magic is hands on energy adjustments while having a sound healing."
"After yoga I feel so connected with my body and soul.But most of all, I love her hands, her touch is healing. I feel like I'm under a protective circle."
"This was an unforgettable feeling from combination of soft, healing energy, soundhealing land craniosacral therapy. I highly recommend this experience."

Join us Today

Join us to connect with your inner wisdom and activate your self healing ability. Allow Adriana and Abz to expertly guide you on this journey.

Every Monday: 10:00am

Meet your Facilitator

Adriana Keniz

Adriana Keniz is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. Adriana has tried various instruments to release emotions, move stuck energy and get closer to the higher self, and found Kundalini Yoga to be among the most effective.
Adriana has also been studying physiology, psychology, energy healing, yoga, and breathwork for 20 years. She is a certified ICTA coach. She has studied CranioSacral therapy at Upledger Institute and other bodywork techniques at the Ukrainian Academy of Applied Kinesiology.

Adriana Keniz

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