Healing the Physical & Emotional Bodies

From pain to power

Pain is a messenger for deeper root cause.

This workshop will teach you how to find the origin of your discomfort and give you the insight of how to exercise safely, how to move even with past injuries or after surgery and get back into the flow of how your body is designed to move natural.

We experience these potent benefits through the workshop and this is a hand-on workshop with lots of movements, fun, and educational exercises.


Transforming Pain into Strength

Most people live in a state of disfunction. When it becomes discomfort, it leads to pain and injuries and often followed by surgery.

Ron teaches you how to reverse this process in this workshop by giving you the knowledge and process of how to realign the physical and emotional body so the spiritual and mental body can get back into flow as well.

This workshop is for everyone struggling with chronic pain, recovering from an injury or surgery or anyone who lives an active live and wants to learn how to prevent injuries.

Benefits of Healing the Physical & Emotional Bodies


Feeling comfort with your own body and emotion by stopping your discomfort before it leads you to pain or injury.

Awareness of Imbalances

Being able to listen to these messages so you can address the misallignment in your bodies.


Prevention of Injuries

Knowing how to exercise safely, how to move even with past injuries or after surgery and get back into the flow of how your body is designed to move natural.

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For Healing the Physical & Emotional Bodies


How does it work?

Being aware your discomfort and discover the root cause of your pain

Learn to transform your pain to power to change it

Join this hand-on workshop with a lots of movements, fun, and educational exercises.

What Our Community Says About Healing the Physical & Emotional Bodies

"I haven't properly thanked you for last week's talk. I have made a start and contacted a turning point who work with drug and alcohol users, and they agree its a great idea. I have been contacted by their boss who says she is going to call me next week as on duty. I have myself looked at the salaries and not great so I'm away to do a cv for pelagic boats as only work 3/4 months a year so would give me the time I need at home for that work. Slim chance I would get a job, but it's a start in that direction. Also, the exercise for my hands seems to work. I would have said 100% but have been bad today and improved it, but not completely take it away. I need to remember to do it when it's not sore, though, thanks. I have my klundini activation tomorrow night. Give it a try."
Cameron, Scotland
“I had therapy today and had some really nice realisations especially around my dad so thank you for freeing whatever has been trapped inside me. So much doubt surrounded me but you’re so right. I’m here to make a change and to bring so much love into the world and I feel so much that first needs to start with me. Taking care of number one and pouring all the love I’ve poured into others back into me too ✨✨ You really are an amazing man to humanity Ron, the gifts and wisdom that you hold and share are so valuable ✨ thank you for existing ”
Anabel, Dubai
"So right when you did some emotional clearing. My back was better but not completely and it has been the same I still have something deep inside my back. I always had this tightness in my chest I never knew what it was, and when you told me to work on my heart chakra, There is definitely been improvement in my heart area. You made me realize I’ve been giving more than receiving most of my life. Thankyou so much for your willingness to help Ron, I really enjoy talking to you and appreciate you for holding space for me with tips and guidance. Much love. 1) I like that you find other ways to see where my probelms came from 2) I was surprised about how my heart chakra and how my third eye is related in my situation 3) My biggest take away was to work on my heart chakra, with the frequency you advised. "
Polly, Canada

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Are you tired of being in pain or the feeling of being stuck in your body? 

Come join our workshop. From pain to power!


Meet your Facilitator

Ron White

After leaving school, I noticed a gradual shift in my preferences. I became more detached from close friendships and found solace in enjoying my own space and freedom. Truthfully, I discovered that I relished my own company more than being in the presence of others, even though outwardly, I always seemed to be the center of attention and the life of the party.

On a spiritual level, my path took a turn after I suffered a rugby injury. Through the power of meditation, relaxation, and a combination of stretching techniques, I managed to heal a torn muscle without undergoing surgery. Ever since that transformative experience, I have embraced injury prevention methods rooted in Vedic meditation philosophies. Consistently meditating twice a day for the past three years.

I have been working with clients on the physical body for over 30 years and it was only after an injury sustained on the Rugby field 2017, my path changed towards healing the physical and emotional bodies.

Ron White

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