Full Moon Ceremony

Receive, amplify energy & push forward your intentions

Harvest the power of the Full Moon during our Fire Ceremony and Ancient Sound Healing session.

Runs for 3-hrs each month during the Full Moon cycle & includes a fire ceremony, Ancient Sound Healing & 3-course vegan dinner.


Prepare for transformation & the harvest of intent

The Full Moon Ceremony is a time to be prepared and open to receiving and amplifying energy and push forward the intentions made during the New Moon.

Prepare for transformation and the harvest of intentions during our shamanic fire ceremony where we will gather in sacred circle and call in the four directions, welcoming and giving thanks to spirit for guiding us on our journey. Let go of what no longer serves you and commit your intentions to the flames so the smoke may carry them to the universe.

Carry your intentions and prayers to the Pyramid of the Sun and be guided into an effortless state of relaxation in an Ancient Sound Healing session. Take this opportunity to magnify and manifest your intentions within the power of a pyramid.

Finish with a Pyramids Cafe by Malaika, nutritious 3-course vegan dinner in community with old and new friends alike.

Always an evening to remember at this special time of the month.

Benefits of Full Moon Ceremony


Harvest your intentions and push them forward during our Fire Ceremony so the smoke may carry them to the universe.


Be guided into an effortless state of relaxation with the use of Ancient instruments weaving a tapestry of sounds.


Nourish yourself and dine in community with a 3-course vegan meal.

Join us

For our Full Moon Ceremony

Monthly :  6:00pm 

How does it work?

These ceremonies sell out each month so booking is essential.

It's best to arrive 30-minutes prior to your session so you may check-in, relax, enjoy your welcome drink & settle in. Traffic can be very busy!

Listen for the sound of the gong, a signal that the ceremony is about to begin. Follow the guidance of the practitioner.

Harvest & push forward your intentions in the fire ceremony. Carry these intentions to the Ancient Sound Healing and manifest your desires.

Join other guests and dine in community over a 3-course, vegan dinner. Nourish yourself!

Be gentle with yourself, consider journaling to integrate your experience, drink plenty of water and don't participate in strenuous activities. Relax.

What Our Community Says About Full Moon Ceremony

"I was on a tour of Bali and we spent the half day with a lovely lunch and sound healing. Everyone on our tour, had a wonderful experience and was one of the highlights on our spiritual tour. The grounds and place is beautiful. After my tour ended. I came back for 5 days staying just a across the street (at Blue Karma) and would go to Pyramids of Chi every day experiencing the difference programs, along with one on one private sessions Regression Reincarnation, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, and their healthy cafe. I was so thrilled to be there for their sold out, the Full Moon ceremony with a delicious dinner, meeting so many like-minded people. Was definitely a highlight Full Moon in Bali at Pyramids Of Chi. I met the owners, and their son-in-law, everyone so nice. Can't wait to go back the next time I am in Bali. They are working on new plans for their new location in Sedona, Arizona for us in the USA, which will be so exiting. Thanks to everyone at Pyramids Of Chi, for a awesome time."
D. Ames
" I was invited here by friends who wanted to join the full moon healing event and I was so thrilled when saw the place. The event was what I was looking for. Chilled and deep with people who I resonated with. The pyramid sound healing and meditation is worth trying even for non-spiritual people. This is primarily for vegans and the massaman curry they served after the healing was so tasty that I had to go for second helping."
"I have been at New Moon, Full Moon and to a Cacao Ceremony. Can recommend them all. The experiences are unique and differ from person to person. Personally I‘d say the FullMoon Ceremony was my favorite and is a great way to spend a special night with your loved one(s) if you bring them to Bali. The location is stunning, which is why the pyramids themselves are worth a visit, even if you are not planning on attending a session. Wen you visit, you can definitely feel this place has been created with best intentions. The owners are lovely people and will be available for a chat after the soundhealing. Magical times guaranteed!"
Katrin G.

Join us Today

Join us in community for what is always a magical & memorable evening under the power of the Full Moon.

Monthly :  6:00pm 

Meet your Facilitators

Ancient Sound Healing Team

Ancient Sound Healing sessions are run by our team of experienced sound healing practitioners, each with their own skills and musical talents. They bring their own unique experiences and cultures to Ubud.

Hailing from Canada, Indonesia, North America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and across the European continent, each one arrived at Pyramids of Chi with a mission, to help as many people as possible heal through sound.

Our Team always finds us, we never advertise, some have been with us since the beginning and some have been recognised and nurtured, rising to lead Practitioners through years of mentorship and training. We always believe our Practitioners arrive when they’re supposed to.

The Team look forward to receiving you…

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