Find Your Roar

Liberation through the Voice

In safe and sacred space, we release stuck emotions, trauma and find confidence and power through your voice.

No previous knowledge needed. This is NOT a workshop to learn how to sing, but to find power in your voice.


Find Liberation through your Voice

In this 2.5hr Group Session, Nicole and Robin will guide you in a sacred and safe space to re-write your voice’s history.

Together, in circle we journey through ancient toning practices, an inner child healing visualization, embodiment practices and liberation through the voice.

This is NOT about cultivating a beautiful singing voice, but releasing energies of guilt, shame and oppression held in the throat and body.

You will gain valuable tools and techniques to empower your voice and create lasting change for every aspect of your life.

Benefits of Find Your Roar



Find confidence and regain power through your unique voice and sound.



 Bring in healing and Peace through releasing stuck emotions and pain.



Access old information that disempowered you and rewrite the story.

Join us

For Find Your Roar

Every other week: 10:00am 

How does it work?

We begin by opening sacred and safe space through calling in the Spiritguides and Opening the Directions

We learn about ancient toning practices and connect to our voice in a new way

We journey through a visualization and meditation practice

We go through a breathwork journey to release blocks and trauma connected to your voice

We integrate and connect back in a sharing circle

Please take time and space for yourself to integrate this session with rest, journaling. painting, singing, dancing, good food.

What Our Community Says About Find Your Roar

"Thank you Robin and Nicole from the depth of my heart for such a wonderful space that you held with your loving energy."
Samir Mujagic
"I was amazed about the energy of healing, love and support. That compassionate support i will never forget and will live in my heart forever."
Sarah N.
"I went to your Roar and it was the most powerful experience of my life; more productive than 2 yrs. of therapy!”
Sandra F.

Join us Today

Clearing blocks and empowering our voice can shift our whole life experience and invite in more joy. play and wonder

Every other week:  10:00am 

Meet your Facilitators

Nicole & Robin Seeger

Nicole, an initiated Spirit Shaman and Empowerment Mentor; Robin a Transformational Mentor and Relationship Coach. Partners in life and service to their community for the past 25 years.

Together they love and enjoy empowering others to remember who they are beyond what the world has told them and supporting them with intuitive practices and tools to master their life and create a space of love, joy and expansion in all relationships: with Self, their partners, families and work relationships.

They strongly believe and stand for safe practices filled with compassionate and authentic support, integral to serving beautiful humans with love and care.

Nicole & Robin Seeger

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