Family Constellation Workshop

Freeing yourself from Ancestral Trauma

We release ancestral trauma by creating a safe space to apply the modality of family constellation.

Connect with your intention why you you want to join this workshop. Know that there will only be one Focus Person for this workshop.

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Experience the power of Ancestral Healing

A Family Constellation is a powerful healing modality that can bring light, clarity & movement to many areas of our life, it has the power to shift generations of suffering & pain. We often carry destructive generational patterns as a way of “belonging” to the family.

Unknowingly but out of loyalty to our family, we tangle ourselves with past trauma & patterns, at our own expense which is commonly referred to as “blind love”. This can create issues on a mental, physical & emotional level.

During this workshop you will become aware of ancestral patterns that you might be carrying.

Benefits of Family Constellation Workshop


Feel more Free

Be more Yourself

Feel more connected with your own Life-Force


Join us

For our Family Constellation Workshop

Monthly: 2:00pm

How does it work?

Prepare yourself by connecting with your intention, a limited pattern, an issue or pattern you want to let go of.

We open the workshop with a sharing circle & a guided ancestral healing meditation.

The second part will be one family constellation, where one person can bring in their issue that we will work on during the workshop.

The other participants will be representing in the family constellation and by doing so they will receive their own healing during this process.

What Our Community Says About Family Constellation Workshop

"The Family Constellation with Solange was a truly transformative experience!I released so much that I was holding onto, without knowing it!"
"I finally feel myself again! I feel I can live my own life without this heavy weight!"
"After the constellation with Solange I understand so much more my patterns & struggles. I now understand how much I was carrying my ancestors pain!"

Join us Today

If you want to become aware & release the subconscious trauma or burdens you might be carrying this workshop might be for you!


Meet your Facilitator

Solange Beaumont

Solange is a Holistic Trauma-Healing Therapist & certified Regression & Reincarnation Therapist with over a decade’s experience healing trauma on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level.

Solange holds a safe & trauma-informed space where she supports you in healing unhealed pain from the past, peeling off all the (subconcious) layers & blockages that created a disconnection with your heart, emotions, body & your own life-force energy. Her work includes healing unhealed Ancestral trauma, Womb-trauma, Childhood-trauma & Past-Life Trauma.

Her approach is always holistic, which means she supports her clients healing on a mental, emotional & physical & level.

Solange Beaumont

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