Energy Attunement

Bring balance and coherence to your energy body, access you inner source of love

Energetic Attunement essentially brings you home to your true self to access you inner source of love. It awakens and strengthens your connection to the divine enabling greater harmony, joy, health and love in all areas of you life. As we bring balance and coherence to your energy body, all systems follow accordingly and this is reflected in your external reality.

This is a multidimensional experience accessible for everyone; taking you as deep as you are able to go. Every session is unique and catered to serve the individual needs of the receiver. Nothing is required of you; only relax, open and receive. 


An energetic upgrade to expand into your full potential.

Most of us focus on the physical world and our physical body but we are forgetting a fundamental, universal truth; everything is energy. So, it’s vitally important to work with your energy field, especially if you want to create sustained shifts mentally, physically, emotionally or in your external reality. 

When your energy field is aligned and balanced, your mind, your body, your emotions and your external reality follow suit. This allows for a deeper embodiment of your true self and a deeper connection to the divine. 

Since Energetic Attunement works on all levels of the human system, this is for anyone with any intention. Whether you want to work on mind, body or emotions, ultimately, it all guides us back to the same source; a deeper connection to the divine. 

Whilst this work awakens your true nature beyond the borders of your physical form, it simultaneously grounds and connects you to the earth inviting more clarity, cohesion and purpose in your life. 

This is for people who want to activate their inner divinity so they can come home to themselves experiencing more love, joy and health in all facets of their life.

Benefits of Energy Attunement



A deeper connection to the divine accompanied by a pervading sense of peace and support.


A purification and alignment in mind, body, emotions and energy inviting a deeper embodiment of your true self.


Your external reality shifts positively to reflect your energetic alignment. 

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How does it work?

Guided by the divine, my hands work with your energy field and body through gentle touch. Mainly focusing on your central energy channels, I shift stuck energy and help expand your field to include more love and truth in its radiance. Visualisations and affirmations are sometimes channelled to consolidate and encode the energy work.

You may experience emotional releases, transcendental visualisations and insights. A pervading sense of peace and love; angelic support, plus, a deeper and more harmonious connection with your body. Your intuition may enhance whilst your emotions balance and you mind becomes calm and centred.

What Our Community Says About Energy Attunement

“My sessions with Tauri were an incredible journey filled with so much gentleness and expansion that one could only imagine. I reconnected with my true self, released stucked emotions, and gained a lot of inner strength. It feels like she helped me to anchor the feelings of love within, safety in my body, and my feminine energy. Tauri creates a very safe space to open up and fully surrender. I could feel very powerful, healing energy right from the first minute of the session. It touches my body, my mind, and my soul. That helps to trust the process and be guided with no resistance. Tauri uses words and wisdom during the session that go very deep and bring a lot of insights and answers. It feels like I always knew it, but could not access and now I finally can access and integrate. Tauri’s session feels like a healing and educational lesson at the same time as I left with a lot of tools for myself to keep my energies aligned. I am very grateful! I will come back and recommend Tauri’s healing to my friends.”
“I had a several energy healing sessions with Tauri and Wow, everytime was amazing. We began by setting intentions for the session and talking about anything I would like to focus on. Then we dived into the healing journey and it felt like stepping into a very safe space where I could surrender and just be. During the session Tauri was picking up on things and sharing messages that really resonated deeply within me. Being in her field also allowed me to tune in more into my own intuition which was showing me beautiful visions and messages I needed to receive. Tauri has this beautiful warm angelic energy to her making the session even more special and comfortable. I left feeling like I got what I needed, I felt clear and with a very special sense of balance within me. Different from other session I had in the past where I would feel tired afterwards, with Tauri I left with my whole system feeling energized. It was more than a session, it felt like a warm hug for the soul. I cant recommend her enough!!!”
Nati Endo
"Working with Tauri has been nothing short of transformative. Her expertise in energy work is evident from the profound changes I've experienced in my body, with my emotions and patterns. Beyond her remarkable skills, Tauri is a truly wonderful human being. She creates a safe and nurturing space where I feel completely supported to let go and explore my inner world. During our sessions, I felt a lot of balancing in my energy system as well as in my nervous system. It’s one of the best ways to go from mind focusing to body, emotion and energy focusing. I receive regular check-ins from Tauri, showing her genuine care and attention. What sets Tauri apart is her remarkable ability to channel exactly what I need in my life at that moment. She has an innate gift for understanding my core needs and guiding me on my healing journey. If you're seeking a healer who is both exceptional in her craft and deeply compassionate, Tauri is the one you've been looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone ready to embark on their path of healing and growth.“
Jelena Baack

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This is your opportunity to open your heart and enter the axis of your inner truth to fully embody the life you came here to live. 

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

Meet your Facilitator


Tauri’s intuitive attunement to the spirit realm started during childhood when she quickly understood she could tune into the subtle realms, seeing beyond the physical. By the age of ten she was already working with her dreams to amplify her waking reality. 

As a teenager, she struggled with her mental, emotional and physical health motivating her to explore the deeper truth of her existence and this earthly realm. At seventeen she began the yogic path becoming vegan whilst exploring yoga and meditation.

During her twenties, Tauri turned her back on everything she’d known. Dropping out of the system, she cut ties with all friends and family to embark on an epic adventure of hitching half way around the planet, from England to New Zealand with barely any money and a dog. 

This voyage unfolded in ways she could never have imagined as she hitched hiked boats across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean; journeyed into the Amazon to work with plant medicine and activated her inter-dimensional self by being guided to sacred sites. 

After over three years of hitch hiking, she arrived in New Zealand more alive and awake than every before; her intuitive capacity expanded and her connection to the divine deepened. But after two years of New Zealand, she received guidance for Bali to continue her energetic apprenticeship and service to the divine. Here she blossoms writing, working with bees and awakening clients as a kundalini facilitator. 

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