Beyond Sound Journey

A multi-dimensional sound journey beyond the limits...

When brainwaves and the nervous system resonate, balance can be restored and tension can be released. Immerse yourself in a magical evening that stirs an archipelago of experimental sounds and powerful plant music frequencies.

There will be lots of live high-vibrational music, moments of meditation, and relaxation in this 2-hour event. Lay back and allow this multi-dimensional soundscape to transport you to another realm.


A multi-instrumental Sound Journey

Sound has a far greater effect on our existence than we can even imagine! 

This is a high-definition sensory experience that is akin to meditation in the way that you tune into the massive influx of energetic and flowing sounds and vibrations in such a way that quickly and efficiently blocks out much of the ‘mind chatter’ or noise that takes up residency in the mind during most of our daily lives.

This immersive experience harmonises your body’s energy, promotes deep relaxation, and gently nudges you to explore the hidden depths of your meditative state. When brainwaves and the nervous system resonate, balance can be restored and tension can be released.

Lay back and allow this multi-dimensional soundscape to transport you to another realm.

Benefits of Beyond Sound Journey


Sound helps alleviate pain, tension, and discomfort by promoting circulation, releasing muscle tension, and activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


It grabs your brain by the ears and takes your body along for a delightful relaxing ride.


This deep relaxation could lead us to a deep meditative state and increase our ability to receive messages that cannot be perceived during our busy, daily lives.

Join us

For Beyond Sound Journey

Every other week: 5:00pm


How does it work?

Sit comfortably on your mattress of choice as D A T U R A leads you through a unique yet powerful breathing sequence, handed down through generations of healers and mystics.

Lay down, relax, quiet your mind, and embrace the sound immersion.

If you happen to fall asleep don’t worry, the frequencies and vibrations will be working regardless.

D A T U R A will then welcome you back with a closing short breathing exercise to integrate you back into the Earth Pyramid.

What Our Community Says About Beyond Sound Journey

”This experience took things to another level for me. Cirak's talks help you understand meditation in such simple terms, it takes away all the complications so you can focus on the practice. Plus, I met the most amazing people. I'm absolutely thrilled to have been part of this.”
Phil Hurrle
“I came here spontaneously. It turned out to be so inspiring, so mesmerizing, so beyond my expectations. Cirak’s meditations are so easy to understand, to sink into. I feel so blessed. This was a miracle experience. I can't wait to attend another one.”
Ficha Islami
“It was amazing! The entire event was so well organized. I got everything I wanted out of it and much much more. Cirak's teachings are thought-changing. He gives you a new perspective, helps you break through all your beliefs, and shows you how to live your life the way you're meant to.”
Dhairya Veera

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Lay back and allow this multi-dimensional soundscape transport you to another realm.

Every other week: 5:00pm


Meet your Facilitators

Datura Crew

D A T U R A is a dynamic multi-instrumental collective that weaves their musical expressions into something extraordinary.

The group, composed of Ilham, Suy, and Momon, brings a wealth of experience and talent to their performances, having spent years captivating audiences and spreading joy and relaxation through their music meditation journey.

With a deep passion for fostering awareness, healing, and love, D A T U R A creates a unique and immersive musical experience in every community they touch. Their heartfelt dedication to music is evident in every note, bringing people together in a harmonious celebration of life.

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