Awaken your Breath, Ignite your Year

Manifest your dreams, connect to love, gain resilience

We shed what is no longer serving us through breathwork raising our frequency to manifest our dreams into this reality.

The breathwork and sound healing journey is two hours and the ice bath immersion is one hour. All you need to bring are an open heart and mind.


Awaken your breath, Ignite your Year!

Let us reflect & manifest our intentions for 2024, the anchoring age of Aquarius.

Breathwork is a known tool to manifest rapidly as we shed what no longer serves us and rise to vibrate on a higher frequency. There will also be instruments such as drums, a sound bowl and gong used throughout this journey to elevate us. We will also attune to a healing sound frequency the 528 frequency which is an ancient frequency used for health and longevity. Also known as the love frequency. Ice bath helps us to be resilient and stay focused on what is important to us during times of rapid change.

Benefits of Awaken your Breath, Ignite your Year


Release what is no longer serving you in a safe and supportive environment allowing you to cleanse your energy field.


Manifest what your heart desires by setting clear intentions and attuning to the 528-love frequency known for health & longevity.


Gain Resiliency

Gain resiliency by showing yourself you can do challenging things and stay calm during times of rapid change.

Join us

For our Awaken your Breath, Ignite your Year

Every other week: 10:00am

How does it work?

Register online or in person at pyraminds Of Chi. Eat lightly as we want to reserve most of our energy for the day of the session.

The event begins with setting intentions and connecting with love & acceptance of one another.

This powerful 3-part breath will manifest your dreams and soothing healing sounds will integrate your overall experience into relaxation.

Ice bath immersion, resulting in a sensation of complete revitalization.

The session ends with a celebration of you overcoming your fears and building resilience!

Tune into your body and listen to what you need. Rest, ground in nature, journal, be open to new realizations and perspective of self.

What Our Community Says About Awaken your Breath, Ignite your Year

"I didn’t realize how much sadness I was caring around until I attended Valery’s breathwork session. She holds such a safe place and opens the space for me to go deep within myself. I was able to feel my heart and let go of trauma & I felt so supported. For the ice bath session, I was quite nervous but was able to follow Valery's clear guidance on breathing technique that allowed me to stay a lot longer than I thought I could. Valery really helped me find my own confidence from within. Thank you Valery I look forward to returning to Bali and learning more from you!"
"I attended my first breathwork session ever with Valery and it was absolutely life changing! I have always been afraid to feel my pain, afraid I would break. Valery showed me I am stronger than I know, and I went there with her feeling it all. After her session I had a strong urge to journal which I had never done but realized with Valery’s recommendation it's really important for integration and now I love it! I have tried so many things before and just couldn’t get of of my depression. This has really liberated me. Thank you!"
"Embarking on a breathwork journey with Roxanne was truly exceptional! Her guidance, coupled with her serene demeanor, created an experience that was both transformative and deeply calming. Highly recommend!"

Join us Today

Would you like to shed what’s no longer serving you, manifest your dreams, become resilient in times of rapid change, feel supported & connected?

Every other week: 10:00am

Meet your Facilitator

Valery Roxanne

Valery is a professional experienced certified breathwork and ice facilitator and teacher trainer. Her life purpose is to spread the healing power of the breath and help others overcome their fears, neutralize trauma, identify, and let go of false beliefs in a safe caring environment.

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