Ancient Sound Healing

Deep relaxation, self-realisation, expanded consciousness

We guide you into an effortless state of relaxation with the use of Ancient instruments weaving a tapestry of sounds.

Ancient Sound Healing runs daily at 11am, 2pm, 5pm & 7pm and requires nothing but your presence with an open heart and mind. Bookings essential.


A mystical and ethereal experience

An Ancient Sound Healing session guides you into an effortless state of relaxation. The process is as scientific as it is mysterious. It requires nothing but your presence to be fully appreciated, but it must be experienced in order to be understood.

Anticipate a magical Sound Healing, it could be your time, so come with an open mind and heart and ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

Humans have known for thousands of years that sound and vibration are one of the most powerful tools in existence for healing. Long before modern science, medicine people used sound to induce deep, meditative states with others. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the natural healing process of their patients. The rhythmic frequencies produced by a plethora of Ancient instrumentation during our Sound Healing Sessions, layer into an ocean of vibration. These waves interact both with the water in our bodies, with our DNA and with our chakra system aiding the intelligence of our bodies to feel, heal, relax & release.

Benefits of Ancient Sound Healing

Deep Relaxation

You will drop into a deep, meditative state allowing your body’s innate ability to heal itself take over, leaving you rejuvenated.


These deep, meditative states increase our ability to receive messages that cannot be perceived during our busy, daily lives.

Expanded Consciousness

When these messages are received, it may open our minds to an increased awareness and a knowing that the mystical can, and does occur.

Join us

For Ancient Sound Healing

Daily:  11:00am | 2:00pm | 5:00pm | 7:00pm 

How does it work?

Ancient Sound Healing is very popular so is best to book in advance via this event page.

It's best to arrive 30-minutes prior to your session so you may check-in, relax, enjoy your welcome drink & settle in.

Listen for the sound of the gong, a signal that a session is about to begin. Follow the practitioners guidance to the Pyramid and during your session.

Following your session, consider taking some time to ground in the garden. Take your shoes off and feel the grass between your toes.

It’s a good idea to hydrate & eat following your session. Our café serves homemade, organic, vegan, gluten free & sugar free dishes. Nourish yourself.

Be gentle with yourself, consider journaling to integrate your experience, drink plenty of water and don't participate in strenuous activities. Relax.

What Our Community Says About Ancient Sound Healing

"The Pyramids of Chi is a very special place. It is so warm and it has a beautiful vibrating positive energy. You can do workshops with the best teachers and with ground breaking science to transform you and to optimize your health. The sound healings are revolutionary and just unbelievable. You wont be the same afterwards. The staff is awesome and so kind. The menu is inspiring and creative and the cheese cakes are to die for. Thank you Pyramids of chi for making me whole again."
Monique Frings
"Experienced the Ancient Sound Healing meditation class. Was given a complimentary eye pillow for the session to bring home. It was an extremely lovely experience with such a beautiful ambience, I felt so peaceful and relaxed here. The instructor was very well knowledgeable about the types of gongs and other instruments that was used in the class. The session definitely put me in a deep state of relaxation and calm. It was certainly more intense and intimate as compared to any other meditation experiences I've had. I will definitely come back and visit again."
Emmalyn D’silva
"We had a wonderful time! It was well organised, clean, beautiful, and very welcoming. We loved the sound healing session. There were so many different instruments from different cultures and time periods. The session leader was mindful, friendly, and very talented. I left feeling calm, rested, and peaceful. The grounds themselves are quite beautiful and we had a walk in the garden afterwards. The cafe was nice and we enjoyed some ginger tea after the session."
Naomi Saines

Join us Today

Join us, it could be your time and remember to ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

Daily:  11:00am | 2:00pm | 5:00pm | 7:00pm 

Meet your Sound Healer

Ancient Sound Healing Team

Ancient Sound Healing sessions are run by our team of experienced sound healing practitioners, each with their own skills and musical talents. They bring their own unique experiences and cultures to Ubud.

Hailing from Canada, Indonesia, North America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and across the European continent, each one arrived at Pyramids of Chi with a mission, to help as many people as possible heal through sound.

Our Team always finds us, we never advertise, some have been with us since the beginning and some have been recognised and nurtured, rising to lead Practitioners through years of mentorship and training. We always believe our Practitioners arrive when they’re supposed to.

The Team look forward to receiving you…

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