Amerta Sounditation

A unique Sound Journey based on Javanese ancient sound medicine...

Amerta is a Javanese word meaning the ‘nectar’ or ‘elixir’ of life. The Amerta Sounditation journey is based on the principle that every element in life consists of energy and vibration.

If you’re searching for deeper meaning and are open to messages which may help you move forward and let go of the past, this engaging Sound Meditation led by Internationally recognised Galih Naga Seno is a true gift.


A Deeply restorative and uplifting experience

This session is a unique experience in a group setting, combining energy reading and cleansing, a deep journey with ancient instruments and sacred Javanese sound medicine. It’s intuitively guided based on the energy of the group. No two experiences are the same. Galih and Irma masterfully weave ancient instruments into each journey.

Each of these ancient instruments creates frequency and vibration. Together with Javanese sacred mantras, they will immerse you in a deeply meditative soundscape, creating a sacred space for relaxation, restoration, and an uplifting experience.

Benefits of Amerta Sounditation


A deeply restorative and uplifting experience with sacred Javanese wisdom and sound medicine.



Connection with a like minded community in a unique and safe group environment.


Personal messages and insights that may assist you in your life journey.

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For Amerta Sounditation

Every other week: 10:00am / 2:00pm


How does it work?

Enter the Pyramid of the Earth, take a moment to find a mattress and ground yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Set an intention or take a moment of stillness and calm.

After the introduction, Galih and Irma will work on each Guest one by one to cleanse your personal energy field and give you any direct personal messages or insights.

You will then lay down on your mattress in Shavasana (corpse pose) and experience a uniquely guided sound journey crafted especially for that session at that time. Galih may use a mixture of various ancient instruments, vocal toning, and chanting.

What Our Community Says About Amerta Sounditation

"Cindy’s Qi Gong classes are life changing, in that…the only way I can describe…it feels like you are entering a ‘supernatural’ frequency of better health. At the beginning of class, she builds ‘qi,’ or energy, in your body through gentle stages, so you can expand into higher states of consciousness for the remainder of class, & further into your life in general. Actually, I didn't even realize the qi gong classes I was taking in Switzerland weren't the real thing, until I felt the hypnotic power of Cindy's workshops in Bali.’’
Julia Hegnauer, Switzerland
‘’I'm definitely bringing my Mom back to Cindy’s classes. It's so important to be able to teach ancient medical wisdom, like qi gong, in its original language, Chinese - to catch the full scope of the Taoist spiritual knowledge. Cindy does this by explaining the Chinese medical system in relation to martial arts in its original form: Mandarin & Cantonese. And she also teaches in foreign languages: English & French. I learned so much from her about which Qi Gong movements heal which organ meridians within the body.’’
Ling Lai, China
"Beyond a Chinese Medical Practitioner & Qi Gong Teacher, Cindy is a divine energy healer & spiritual advisor. I want to express gratitude, because the Qi gong session yesterday was extremely important for me. As a sensitive child, I needed someone to teach me how to protect myself, and my parents didn't know, nor understand. Feeling this protection fully in her class, and practicing it today first thing in the morning, brought up a lot of sadness and fear of my inner child, who was terrified of unseen things. The fact that I now have full acces to this part of my subconscious, is a very precious healing opportunity. And I wanted to pop in to say thank you, Cindy. 💛🙏🌞. In Cindy's classes, I feel safe & understood, because she is able to identify the unique spiritual gifts in each of us. Most important for gifted individuals like myself, is psychic protection, which Cindy teaches in the Qi gong method. In Chinese medicine, she explains ‘Wei qi,’ or your energetic shield, is determined by how strong the metal element is in your body. As a professional therapist, I really appreciate Cindy's Qi Gong techniques for 3 layers of Psychic Protection. These energy tools greatly helped me to preserve my vitality, allowing me to treat more patients, more effectively.’’
Amia Rose, Romania

Join us Today

Join Galih and Irma for this unique session with Ancient Javanese wisdom and sound medicine experience!

Every other week: 10:00am / 2:00pm


Meet your Facilitators

Galih & Irma

Galih Naga Seno S.Sn, M.Sn is a gifted Sound and Energy Healer with a MA in Ethnomusicology music from the Arts Institute Surakarta. Galih has 24 years of training and exploration in the healing power of Sound.

For the past 15 years, the talented multi instrumentalist has lectured in music at Universities in Indonesia, whilst offering his unique gifts in sacred Temples, beaches and mountains surrounding the Island of Java. 

Galih has developed his teachings and knowledge of the deep healing effects of sound medicine on the mind and body since 1999.

Both Galih and his Partner Irma bring with them deeply held ancient knowledge and experiences to our Pyramids of Chi Community.

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