Alchemy & Bodywork

Understand how to heal mental, emotional, energetic & physical bodies.

Learn how to use breathwork, intuitive inquiry & touch in one holistic river that opens the body for more Light & Love to flow through.

This training is monthly and bookings are essential. This is a hands on training where students will practise on each other.


Reconnect to your Essence

Would you like to get a deeper understanding of how to heal the emotional, mental, physical & energetic bodies through Transformational Bodywork?

Mana, Prana, Qi or Chi is the Universal Purifying Vital Energy or Vibration that is the foundation of everything in the universe. All things material or immaterial, from atoms to entire planets as well as thoughts, sound and emotions, are created and governed by Mana.

Mana being vibrational energy, it is effected/ influenced by everything: sounds, thoughts, meditation, diet, the seasons, temperature, people, places and touch. Physical application of massage (as well as Tai Chi, yoga and acupuncture) is aimed to balance Mana or Chi.

In this introduction workshop you will be diving into the connective tissue around the vital organs. You will learn the basic techniques to release energetic blockages within the body with a trigger point body map.

Our conscious mind is only 10%, it’s our will power, short term memory, logical thinking, critical thinking. Our Body is our sub-conscious, our subconscious holds 90% from our Consciousness, our beliefs, emotions, habits, values, protective reactions, long term memory, imagination, intuition, undigested issues & trauma from this life, past lives, parental, ancestral and karmic issues. The more we release, reframe and heal from our subconscious mind, the freer we become. It opens the different energy bodies for our Higher Self’s to anchor into our physical bodies.

Come and join us in this unique heart centred workshop. Learn how to use breathwork, intuitive inquiry and intuitive touch in one holistic river that opens the body for more Light & Love to flow through.

Benefits of Alchemy & Bodywork



Get a deeper understanding of how to heal the mental, emotional, energetic & physical body through Transformational Bodywork.



Learn how to do Myofascial Chi-Release around the vital organs & release undigested issues.



You will learn the basic techniques to release energetic blockages within the body with an accurate & detailed trigger point body map.

Join us

For Alchemy & Bodywork

Monthly: 9:00am

How does it work?

Learn Myofascial Chi-Release around vital organs & release undigested issues (personal, past life, this life, karmic, parental & ancestral lineage)

Learn how to listen to the body signs through intuitive touch.

Learn where the body holds onto fear of intimacy in relationships, emotional detachment, worrying, feeling burdened, irritated & frustrated.

Learn how to guide someone into a Unity breathwork journey, connecting as above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.

Experiment with preparing your own massage oil.

Learn the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, the Geometry of Creation & a special meditation to set a healthy workspace, keeping your aura clear.

What Our Community Says About Alchemy & Bodywork

"I just completed Martijn's Alchemy & Bodywork 1/2 day workshop and it definitely exceeded my expectations! I am a massage and sound therapist in the states, and have taken many different types of bodywork classes over the years, and this was one of the most enjoyable and informative workshops I have taken. Martijn is not only an expert in his craft, but a thoughtful and inspiring teacher; I would definitely recommend signing up for his workshops. Thank you Martijn for sharing your gifts."
Kat Kellog
"I took the Bodywork Workshop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart and the One-OnOne session with Martijn. All three experiences tied into one another beautifully, and helped me deepen my connection with myself. I now understand how to feel through not just my physical body, but my emotional, spiritual and mental bodies too. I felt the activation extremely strongly, and feel as though I’ve leaped energetically: I can’t recommend him, and these offerings enough! Thank you "
Akshat Rajan
"I am so glad that I attended the Alchemy and Bodywork workshop with Martijn. I learned so much from him in the span of a few hours. This was not only enlightening but extremely healing as I continue down the bath of self growth. I feel I will be able to apply these learnings and bodywork techniques to my everyday life moving forward. I highly recommend learning or receiving a bodywork session from Martijn"
Desiree Juniper

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Alchemy & Bodywork level 1 & 2 trainings, will give the practitioner official worldwide accreditation towards working as a professional.

Monthly: 9:00am

Meet your Facilitator

Martijn Vroemen

Martijn founded “Living in Mana” in 2016 when he came to the realization that through yoga, meditation and surfing you can tap into powerful Universal Purifying Energy, this Purifying Universal Energy is also referred to as Prana and Mana.

While holidaying in his favourite location of Bali, Martijn experienced his energetic awakening. This energetic awakening activated the Mana inside of him and showed him the path to living in cosmic consciousness. Martijn has offered his deep insights and teachings at Pyramids of Chi for many years and is a much loved and nurturing soul to our Guests.

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