1:1 Reiki Healing

Discovering the Secrets of Energy Healing through Reiki Session with Talis.

You will clear blocked energy and come into balance in mind, body and spirit with peace and new energy for your life

Talis helps people return to their natural essence of vibration, creating balance and harmony in the body, chakras, and energy field. When people reconnect with their true vibrational state, they shine like the stars from which they originated, flowing through life with newfound serenity and vitality.


Balance your chakras and feel more flow and energy in your life!

Reiki is for anyone who feels a need for more peace, balance and energy in their lives. It can help those who have physical pain, anxiety, depression, stress, tension, or those simply feeling like they want to brighten up their energy.  Just as we tune a musical instrument so that it can function optimally, Reiki healing is an attunement of the human instrument so it can function with the full power of Life Force Energy. 

Benefits of 1:1 Reiki Healing



Reiki will harmonize the flow of energy in the chakra system, balancing the mind, body, spirit and heart.



A reiki session creates a feeling of connection and being “at home” within oneself. And, when we are connected to ourselves, it improves our connections with others.


Reiki energy purifies a person from energies that are inhibiting health and energy flow. Clients will find relief from pain, stress, tension and blocked energy/emotions and will feel increased sensations of peace and well-being.

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For 1:1 Reiki Healing

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

How does it work?

Register for Reiki Session at the front desk or the Pyramids of Chi website. Sessions are 75 minutes.

The session begins with opening of sacred space/channel to divine energy that will be present through the healing

Client lays down for session and receives Reiki energy through healing touch, which activates chakra balance and purification.

The session finishes with some gentle sound vibrations to harmonize the energy that has been awakened

Debrief with practitioner for selection of an oracle card for guidance

Leave the session feeling cleansed and balanced in mind, body and spirit

What Our Community Says About 1:1 Reiki Healing

“I was amazed at how I felt after my Reiki session with Talis! I felt so much lighter and freer in my body and had more energy after just one session. I believe she cleared many blockages in me and I feel so balanced and wonderful!”
Alex, Australia
“At first I didn’t believe in energy healing, but, I decided to try Reiki help with my stress and during my session with Talis I could literally feel the energy recalibrating in my body and afterwards I felt like a new person”
Nathaniel, UK
“My Reiki session with Talis was deep and profoundly healing. I feel like I’ve reconnected with how my energy is supposed to be and how I am supposed to feel, rather than the detached way I was feeling before. Something has woken up inside of me. Talis is an amazing and gifted healer and I have so much gratitude!”
Syl, Bali

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Come and feel the difference a REIKI ENERGY HEALING session can make for you to live your life in its fullest expression of aliveness! 

By Appointment: Please check the available date & time slots for your 1:1 wellness session

Meet your Facilitator


Talis is a holistic healer and energy worker, specializing in Tarot reading whilst also a certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master and Shamanic Astrologer. As a highly empathic and intuitive person, Talis always had sense that she would be in the healing arts. However, it wasn’t until a health condition – sudden visual impairment at age 26 — that she fully embraced this path. Unable to continue her career in the academic world, she began exploring a more energy-based approach to life.

Talis became immersed in the mysteries of the Tarot, it awakened her energy system and spiritual gifts, and she immediately knew that she was called to do this work on a soul level. Known by many as “Tarot Talis,” she has helped clients find profound insight and transform their lives. Talis has conducted tarot consultations all over the World in Canada, USA, Southeast Asia and most recently Sydney Australia where she read tarot at corporate venues.

Talis has been based in Bali since 2020 where she practices as a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Shamanic Astrologer. She is passionate about the Tarot – and believes that it is a profound portal of wisdom and transformation. It is her deep intention that each reading awakens her clients to clarity and gifts the courage to transform lives and awaken their true expressed essence.

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