Frequency Chronicles

Embracing the Energies

A couple days ago there was a very special solar eclipse. Everyone was talking about it.


Because in some populated areas there was a total blackout of the sun. Many feared that this would lead to some catastrophic end of civilization.

It didn’t (phew!)

However, there were some cool pictures taken.

And on a personal level, many felt like there was a lot of old energies that came up for revisiting.

You see, this particular solar eclipse had a certain astrological meaning. Without going too much into the specifics, the meaning behind it was “Initiating healing of our Core Wound”.

For those of us who had been doing a lot of healing and self-development work, this period of time may have been relatively graceful.

However, many experienced some degree of emotional intensity and challenge. This is okay too – it just means that these unhealed parts of us are being purified and cleaned up in our lives.

Cosmic events rarely cause catastrophic events. They simply create a certain quality of energy.

Based on the frequency we are operating at, we will experience this energy differently.

If we are mindful to live a balanced life with emotional maturity and presence, we are less likely to feel derailed during big cosmic events. In fact, many of the astrological happenings that most people fear can actually support us!

Therefore, we are always hear to remind you that you are in control of your life. This liberates and empowers you from giving away your personal power to external forces.

It allows you to stop fearing things outside of yourself and calmly tune into the rightful actions that work best for you.

Yes, cosmic happenings affect us just like weather patterns.

But at the end of the day, it’s our attitude that determines our frequency and our frequency that determines our destiny.

Warm Regards

PoC Team


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