Our Story

In 2013, we began a divinely gifted and sacred journey… to provide deeply transformational and spiritual experiences in a powerful portal space for Humans from all over the planet. A safe haven and healing space for new to meditation Guests and seasoned Spiritual people alike.

A truly unique and welcoming environment for everyone.

As soon as we opened our doors, Guests started arriving, many said they were called here, we knew what they meant. If you build it they will come, and come they did, in the many thousands.

Pyramids of Chi has developed over the years into an energetically aligned, deeply immersive space that creates a harmonious balance between ancient sound healing practices and advanced modern technology. 

Today, Pyramids of Chi is a premier global wellness destination that offers a variety of services and programs, including sound healing sessions, technology enhanced healing, yoga classes and meditation workshops. We endeavour to stay constantly informed and educated to bring you the most profound experiences. Our truly magical unique location and serene environment make it the perfect destination for those seeking inner peace and personal growth. 

Our mission is and always has been very clear, to help as many people as possible find solace and community whilst integrating practices that can quite simply transform lives for the better. 

There are so many awe-inspiring tales from the Pyramids over the years. Our Guests have told us many times of gifts of visions which have manifested into global businesses, beautiful encounters with loved ones who have passed and even people meeting their life partners.

Come and visit for yourself, you’re welcome anytime and just remember to expect the unexpected.

Peter & Lynn McIntosh

& the entire PoC family

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In this video you can learn more about Pyramids of Chi from founder Peter McIntosh.

Our personalized path to success

Pyramids of Chi is an innovation to the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, Transformation and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

Our positively charged Pyramids have transformed many lives for the better since Pyramids of Chi was founded on this sacred land in 2013.

Experience our high vibration healing centre where we carefully curate experiences to open your mind and achieve a higher level of consciousness ranging from ancient sound healing, light, sound, vibration (LSV) therapy, guided meditations, personal development, moon ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, spiritual awakening, yoga and movement plus more in a perfect synergy of People and Pyramid Power.

Complementing our experiences we offer our delicious gluten free, vegan café, meaningful gift shop and serene, meditative gardens.

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