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World-class sound healing and wellness events based in Ubud, Bali

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Pyramids of Chi

We innovate the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, Advanced Technologies and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

Committed to nurturing spiritual growth and inner exploration, we are a dedicated and caring community providing healing and spiritual awakening via all aspects of sound and frequency. We host regular events such as ancient sound healing, light, sound, vibration (LSV), moon ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, spiritual awakening, yoga and much more in our three large scale Pyramids focused on healing the body and mind through ancient practices and new technologies in sound innovation.

Immerse yourself in positive vibrations and Pyramid Power.

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Tailored Experiences, Seamless Retreats

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Join us at Pyramids of Chi as we embark on a transformative journey through our Groups & Retreats Concierge.

We thrive on witnessing your team’s spirit and productivity soar in our resonating sacred space. We can help you create custom wellness experiences, fostering connection and growth. Let’s recharge, rejuvenate, and realign together, because your well-being is just a pyramid away.

Let’s Help you Create an Unforgettable Group Experience through our Groups & Retreats Concierge.

Savour Serenity

Pyramids Café by Malaika –
A Culinary Journey to Wellness

In the spirit of our deep commitment to providing a sanctuary for personal transformation, we realize the importance of properly nourishing the body. After all, food is medicine! Our café features gourmet, wild-crafted plant-based delights that will feed your soul and make your taste buds come alive with exciting new fresh flavours.

Yes, healthy food can be delicious without compromising on nutritional value! Our culinary offerings were mindfully crafted by a Balinese gastronomist named Malaika who blends the rich tradition of locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients with gourmet quality. Experience the rich flavours of curries, plant-based western favourites, Indonesian dishes, and even decadent desserts without feeling guilty.

Our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

Deepen your Transformative Journey…

Wherever you are at!

Our Online Portal supports you in deepening your spiritual practice and personal development journey.  Receive regular online classes from top internationally-acclaimed facilitators in breathwork, meditation, sound healing, and personal development.  

Pyramid Portal
Interested in energy work that can activate your deeper life force potential?
Meet Kundalini Activation Process.
Unlike Kundalini yoga, KAP offers a direct energy transmission that activates the awakening of your Kundalini energy.
Feel the raw life force awakening within you as it moves through your spine, leading you to uncover your truest, most powerful, and divine self. This energy burns up blockages, transcending and ushering in higher states of consciousness faster.
Experience profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system, enabling deep emotional and spiritual healing. KAP is a natural process, guided by an intelligence that knows exactly what your system needs.
Join us for KAP, a transformative and very-popular experience that is often intensely life-changing.
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Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Light, Sound, and Vibration with us. Our LSV sessions offers a safe and groundbreaking journey into elevated states of consciousness.
Recline on specially-crafted water beds as vibrational speakers envelop you in a symphony of sound, resonating deep within your being. Let our light meditation technology gently guide your mind into a tranquil, dream-like state, where the convergence of mind and body synchronizes with the harmonies of light, sound, and vibration.
Experience the liberation of consciousness from the physical realm as you connect with a higher realm of existence. Join us on this remarkable odyssey of self-discovery.
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Dive into the transformative power of holistic healing with our Acupuncture & Sound Journey.
Valerie Parisi and Jayde Solana, our expert guides, are thrilled to introduce you to a unique experience that combines ancient and contemporary healing modalities to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.
🔹 Acupuncture: A time-honored technique that activates specific points on the body to release blocked energy, promote self-healing, reduce stress, and alleviate pain.
🔹 Sound Healing: Experience the harmonic vibrations of singing bowls and gongs that align your body and mind, fostering deep relaxation, emotional clarity, and a heightened state of consciousness.
When merged, these practices enhance each other, creating a profound healing environment. The precise acupuncture points increase your body’s receptivity to the therapeutic sound vibrations, deepening the healing effects.
Benefits Include:
- Enhanced well-being and stress reduction
- Improvement in sleep and immune system function
- Emotional balance, reducing anxiety and depression
- Spiritual growth and a deeper connection with your inner self

Whether you’re seeking emotional equilibrium or explore spiritual depths, the Acupuncture $ Sound Journey offers a path to significant transformation. 

Join us for Acupuncture & Sound Journey and embark on a journey to discover profound peace and inner stillness. 
Experience for yourself how this magical synergy can bring about transformative insights and a renewed sense of vitality.
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