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World-class sound healing and wellness events based in Ubud, Bali

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Pyramids of Chi

We innovate the world through the combination of Pyramid Power, Sacred Geometry, Polar Alignment, Ancient Sounds, and the ever-present magical energy of Bali.

Committed to fostering spiritual growth and inner exploration, we host regular events such as sound healing, guided meditations, light therapy, personal development, moon ceremonies, breath and voice workshops, spiritual awakening, yoga, and movement. Immerse yourself in positive vibrations and Pyramid Power.

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Join us at Pyramids of Chi as we embark on a transformative journey through our Groups & Retreats Concierge.

We thrive on witnessing your team’s spirit and productivity soar in our resonating sacred space. We can help you create custom wellness experiences, fostering connection and growth. Let’s recharge, rejuvenate, and realign together, because your well-being is just a pyramid away.

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Pyramids Café by Malaika –
A Culinary Journey to Wellness

In the spirit of our deep commitment to providing a sanctuary for personal transformation, we realize the importance of properly nourishing the body. After all, food is medicine! Our café features gourmet, wild-crafted plant-based delights that will feed your soul and make your taste buds come alive with exciting new fresh flavours.

Yes, healthy food can be delicious without compromising on nutritional value! Our culinary offerings were mindfully crafted by a Balinese gastronomist named Malaika who blends the rich tradition of locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients with gourmet quality. Experience the rich flavours of curries, plant-based western favourites, Indonesian dishes, and even decadent desserts without feeling guilty.

Our meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

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Our Online Portal supports you in deepening your spiritual practice and personal development journey.  Receive regular online classes from top internationally-acclaimed facilitators in breathwork, meditation, sound healing, and personal development.  

Pyramid Portal
Eclipse Matrix of Divine Flow process - Transcendence of Duality IS Divine
I. Close your eyes now, and simply take a moment to envision Earth floating in the air in front of you.
2. Call on the Lords of Light of the Rainbow Flames, and ask them to surround the planet in Rainbow Flames.
3. Orally affirm your intention to hold the qualities of the Matrix of Divine Flow, as follows: Turn your focus inward the first time each new phrase is given, and allow yourself to feel it. The second time the new phrase is given, focus it on all your brothers and sisters on Earth and the higher collective consciousness of the human race.
The Elohim will assist you in sending this message to your brothers and sisters in an appropriate way. Affirm and feel as deeply as you can, "I am a divine and holy aspect of All That Is, and I choose to accept everything I have ever experienced, free of judgment, free of shame, free of fear, and free of denial and avoidance. I choose to accept and love myself unconditionally now. So be it."
4. Now let us send this message as a potential into Earth. Affirm and send this message, "You are divine and holy aspects of All That Is. You can choose to accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally. You can choose to accept and love everything you have ever done, free of judgment and tear, free of shame, free of denial and avoidance. So be it."
5. Affirm and feel, "I choose to live in Divine Trust with discernment, and to free myself of all distrust now. So be it."
6. Send the message to Earth, "You can choose to live in Divine Trust with discernment, and free yourself of all distrust now. So be it."
7. Affirm and feel, "I choose to live in unconditional Divine Love, free of attachment, with All That Is. So be it."
8. Send the message to all humans, "You can choose to live in unconditional Divine Love that is free of attachment, with All That Is.
It is within your power to choose this. So be it."
9. Affirm and feel, "I choose to live in Surrender to Divine Will, to release all effort, all worry and control, that my every action may be divine. So be it"
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The sacred space of our pyramids are filled each day with sacred healing frequencies.
Experience meditation easefully as therapeutic sounds guide you towards inner revelations and greater wellness. 
Join this heart-expansive journey as we celebrate our divine essence through sacred sounds & singing songs from the soul. Together we will activate the greatest sound healing instrument we carry within, our own unique voice. This prepares us to be in a more receptive, calm & clear place so that we are open to all the healing frequencies of the sound healing portion. Relax into a soothing soundscape of loving presence where the intention is cultivating tranquility & collective harmony.
#sacredsound #soundjourney #soundhealing #meditation #soundtherapy #soundbath #wellnessjourney #vibration
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Since the dawn of humanity, we have honoured nature’s cycles through sacred rituals and intention setting.
Rituals have long been revered as powerful tools for manifestation, guiding us to align our desires with the natural rhythms of the universe. As we gather under the gentle glow of the new moon, we embark on a journey of setting new energies into motion.
Set your intentions with clarity and purpose, planting the seeds of your deepest desires.
Embrace the magic of ritual as you make space for new beginnings and opportunities.
Allow the energy of the new moon to amplify your intentions, guiding them towards manifestation and fulfillment.
Through the ancient wisdom of ritual, we tap into the limitless potential of the universe, co-creating our reality with intention and grace.
#newmoon #reflection #intention #deepconnection #inspiration #lawofvibration #energywork #newmoonritual #dailymeditation #innerlight #spirtuality #goodvibes #lawofattraction #energy #source #imagination #higherperspective #higherself #presence #soul #spirit #nurtureyourself #healersofinstagram #selfcare
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March Equinox Thirteen Chakra
Meditation, blending your thirteen chakras with your Higher Self 13 Chakras, then blending your 13 chakras with the Highest Divine Source of Light, Love, Truth of Earths 13 Chakras. Commending all black magic and control energies to be permanently removed from these sacred sites. Giving an imprint to the earths chakras, and collective consciousness of your conscious evolution, awakening and remembrance to stir up an even more profounder collective awakening, evolution and remembrance.
With pure joy, gratitude and love @awakenwithmartijn @livinginmana 
Join my upcoming workshops @pyramidsofchi 
Saturday 30th March
Alchemy & Bodywork workshop 9am - 1pm
Awakening the Illuminated Heart Ceremony 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 31st of March
Human Design workshop 9am - 4pm
More info & bookings check www.pyramidsofchi.com
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Immerse Yourself in the Harmony of Light, Sound, and Vibration Sessions at Pyramids of Chi!
Step into a realm of pure relaxation and rejuvenation with our signature sessions featuring light, sound, and vibration therapy!
Experience the ultimate comfort and serenity on our purpose-built waterbeds, designed to enhance your journey to inner peace and well-being. You will feel at ease surrounded by soothing waves of tranquility throughout your session. 
Discover the myriad benefits these sessions offer including 
Deep relaxation 
Stress relief
Enhanced mental clarity
Greater focus
Heightened creativity and intuition 
Alignment of mind, body, and spirit
Renewed energy and vitality
Join us at Pyramids of Chi and let the gentle embrace of light, sound, and vibration guide you towards profound healing and transformation.
#musictherapy #lsv #lightsoundvibration #soundhealing #frequencytherapy #crystalbowls #soundhealingtherapy #soundjourney #soundhealer #soundtherapy #soundmeditation #gongbath #singingbowls #soundbath #frequency  #soundhealer #vibrationalhealing #PoC
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NADABRAHMA - The universe is sound.
In Sanskrit, Nada means sound, Brahma is God.
Nadabrahma meditation is an Ancient Tibetan technique based on Science Of Nada ( sound ) to awaken healing vibration within.
This meditation is designed to open us to trust, to bring us into our inner sanctuary of peace and serenity. With the method of chanting / humming sounds we create an energy-field of awareness within.
The sounds resonating throughout the body/mind have a soothing & calming effect. It is particularly good for healing the heart on both the emotional and physical levels, for releasing emotional distress, and for bringing us to a balanced state of deeply centered well-being.
Part of this meditation is about connecting to our own and universal energy through states of ‘giving and receiving’, which has a profound effect on balancing masculine and feminine, qualities within ourselves and aspects of our lives.
#meditation #nadabrahma #soundhealing #energyhealing
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From the sacred chants of ancient civilizations to the resonance of crystal bowls, the journey of sound has woven through time, touching hearts and souls alike.
Discover how ancient cultures from around the globe embraced the power of sound to restore balance, promote healing, and elevate consciousness. 
This isn’t a history lesson - it’s a lived experience of the transformative potential of sound.
Embark with us on a sonic odyssey through the ages, honoring the wisdom of our ancestors and embracing the transformative potential of sound vibrations to heal, clear, and align where it is needed most.
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